Someone To Share My Nightmares by Sonora Taylor

Review by Brennan LaFaro

Sonora Taylor knows short fiction. Little Paranoias is a collection I still frequently refer people to a few years after its release, and whenever I pick up an anthology with her name on it, I know there’s at least one story I’m guaranteed to enjoy.

Someone to Share My Nightmares has some of the same elements that made me fall in love with LP, especially the mixture of longer stories with flash fiction and occasional poetry. It’s hard not to hark back to “Weary Bones” when working through the titular story in this collection, like listening to your favorite band’s new album, and a certain track number is consistently a banger. A great start to the collection.

If you missed “The Parrot” in the excellent anthology We Are Wolves, this new-to-you story is creeptastic with a side of fist-pumping. If you’ve read it, you know what I mean. “The Sharps” delivers on a small creature feature, introducing some truly terrifying and, well, sharp, little monsters. A great addition.

“Tis Better to Want” is another fine example of what Sonora can do with a pen, or at least a keyboard. The mixture of demonic horror tropes with a bit of gratuitous sexy time (gratuitous in this story, present in many of the stories in this collection). Taylor takes the reader to Hell and still manages to titillate effectively.

When Sonora Taylor releases a collection, I’ll anxiously anticipate it every time, and if what I’ve experienced so far holds true, I’ll enjoy my time there, as well.

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