Absolute Unit by Nick Kolakowski

Review by Patrick R McDonough

By definition, a parasite is an organism (the intruder) that lives in or on another organism (the host) of a different species to extract the host’s nutrients at the other’s expense. That’s a great way to sum up this book, it being about two characters, Bill and Trent, going nowhere. They are two unlikely people to be the stars of any show… unless you quite literally live inside of them.

We see, hear, and feel everything through the parasites that live in Bill. Kolakowski provides an interesting commentary on how this one particular person, a man with one too many vices and lacking a moral compass, lives his day-to-day life. How much work these intruders-of-Bill makes you think if I had highly intelligent parasites living in me, what would they say about my day-to-day habits?

When Absolute Unit kicks into high-gear, when parasites switch their host, and Trent is introduced to the shady characters his uncle Bill worked with as well as a familiar face from Trent’s life. Worlds collide in one massive blood-splattering-limb-ripping showdown that leaves you satisfied.

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