Meet the Hosts

Patrick R McDonough

I started writing with a mindset to become a published author in 2013. It took me six years to get my first two pieces of short fiction published, as well as review for a platform. That same, the founder, Garrett Witt, of that platform, Dead Head Reviews, took me on as a partner and we ran the site for a little while. My interest turned to the podcast and my writing, so here I am.

I love talking to people and learning about different life experiences and approaches with how people create stories. Dead Headspace is the result of my love and compulsion to promote authors in Horror and Dark fiction to the next level.

I brought Brennan on within recording a few episodes, and now we’ve formed a great partnership. My goal is to bring listeners an escape, to learn, and be entertained.

Brennan LaFaro

I started my horror journey the same way many of us did, with Stephen King. As much as I still love his ability to tell a story, I knew there must be more out there and I was thrilled to discover how much incredible work is being done on the indie scene.
 I started writing reviews on goodreads and eventually a blog to get the word out about these phenomenal stories that the masses were missing out on. Dead Head gave me a larger platform to promote horror and help these authors, who are not only fabulous writers but terrific human beings as well, to share their work and let people who might connect with it know it exists. 
This podcast is simply the next step in the journey to support and promote horror. Print interviews with creators are wonderful but don’t allow the depths you can get to with a podcast interview. Talking to an author about works they’ve created allows potential readers to not only get a preview of the story they’re looking for, but to meet the person behind it as as well. 

Returning Guest Hosts

Erica Robyn Metcalf

When thinking back to when I first got into horror, I have to start with the fact that I grew up on an island off the coast of Maine where ghost stories and the paranormal were a very hot topic. We had quite a few old houses that were rumored to be haunted. Even the mansion that was converted into our K-12 school was said to be haunted. 

Of course, as a 90’s kid, I was hooked on Goosebumps and quickly jumped into Stephen King after discovering The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon at our town library. I also watched The Birds and Jaws when I was far too young… but still loved those! Over time, my love for the genre just got stronger and stronger.

When I started my book blog in December of 2016, I read a wide variety of genres, but soon, I stared to focus in on horror. When Patrick and Brennan reached out to ask if I’d be interested in guest hosting on the Dead Headspace podcast, I was terrified but wicked excited for the opportunity! I still get totally star-struck, but it’s so fun to take part in the live interviews and help to spread the word about wonderful books!

Find Erica’s Blog at

You can hear Erica guest-hosting on episodes with Hunter Shea, Sonora Taylor, and The Best of Season One.

Cassie Daley

Although I’ve been an avid supporter of the horror genre for as long as I can remember, it wasn’t until 2020 that I started dipping into the “podcast world”. As someone who is more likely to seek out the pets at a party than speak to the other humans in attendance, the idea of chatting with folks and having other people listen to it was terrifying to me – and that’s exactly what I told Brennan & Pat when they approached me about being on the show. After being reassured that things would be okay, I dove into the opportunity, and my very first podcast appearance aired that summer – it went great!

Since that first time, I’ve grown comfortable enough behind the mic to not only have a regular guest hosting spot on Dead Headspace, which gives me the chance to meet and talk to some of my favorite writers today about what inspires them and makes them tick, but to also have my own podcast myself! I’m now a host on The PikeCast, a biweekly book club & discussion podcast dedicated to examining the late 80s/early 90s books of Christopher Pike!

Outside of bookish podcast stuff, I spend a majority of my time on my art and business. I run a shop that sells bookmarks, art prints, stickers, and more – last year I released three different coloring/activity workbooks, and have 2 more planned for 2021! I do freelance social media work and marketing on the side, and juggle all of that with a normal day-to-day of living in California with my boyfriend and our three dogs. It’s a lot, but I wouldn’t trade it!

Cassie’s website – Let’s Get Galactic

Cassie’s Etsy Store

The Pikecast Website here.

You can listen to Cassie’s first appearance on Dead Headspace here and her appearance as part of the Pikecast crew here. She has also guest-hosted episodes featuring Zachary Ashford, Nico Bell, Hailey Piper, Gabino Iglesias, Briana Morgan, S.A. Cosby, Best of Season One, Brian Keene, and Laird Barron.